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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  September 8, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. she is now out of jail, will her conscience and that judge send her back there? jake tapper, this is "the lead." breaking in the national lead, a judge freeing kentucky clerk kim davis as a presidential candidate holds a rally for her. did she change her mind about signing off on same sex couples getting married? what's next here? the politics lead, hillary clinton has decided to be more spontaneous and authentic, at least that's the plan, as new poll numbers spell possible trouble for her campaign. hillary clinton is trying to
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prove it is possible to make yet another first impression. the world lead, making a break for it, refugee families bursting through police lines, cnn right in the middle of the rush, as people desperately sprint toward what they hope will be a better life. good afternoon, everyone. we're going to begin this tuesday with breaking news in our national lead, moments ago, the kentucky county clerk who decided to follow her faith and not the requirements of her elected government office walked out of jail a free woman, kim davis taking the stage, flanked by her attorney, and presidential hopeful, arkansas governor mike huckabee before breaking her silence before a huge crowd of supporters, cheering her decision to the tune of survivors eye of the tiger. >> you are a strong people.
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we serve a living god -- keep on pressing, don't let down. because he is here. i love you guys, thank you so much. >> davis had been locked up since last thursday after refoozing to issue marriage licenses because of her belief that same sex couples should not be able to tie the knot on a document with her signature at least. let's get to alexandra field live in grayson, kentucky. set the scene for us where you are? >> jake, this decision from the judge to release kim davis came as a surprise for the huge crowd that had gathered here in support of her, every bit of 1,000 people by our estimation. she was visited today by two presidential candidates, ted cruz and also mike huckabee. everyone collectively surprised
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by this decision from the judge allowing kim davis to go home. she's spent six nights in the jail here, the judge's orders come with specific instructions for kim davis. he's said he's allowing her release, because he has asked the deputy clerks to issue same sex marriages the judge said kim differ is could come out of jail but was very specific saying she could not interfere with the process, she couldn't interfere with the couples who are going to apply for those licenses. we have her attorney here with us matt, i'm going to bring you in to discuss this we saw kim, she was grateful for the release, the support, she did not address the facts of the case or the judge's decision. she has said from you that she will be returning to work this week. what does that mean for same sex couples who show up at her office and try to get a license?
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>> we'll have to see what laps. she will return to work this week, we don't know whether it's tomorrow or the next day, she will be at work doing her job. and she's not going to violate her conscience, she's going to continue to do her job well without violating her conscience, and we are continuing to ask for a simple accommodation for kim davis and any other clerk that finds him or herself in that same situation, whether her conscience conflicts with this particular license, to have their name off the license is a particular request. >> this is a fight that continues, it is being appealed in an appellate court. you heard over and over again from supporters, they believe that kim davis will not go against her conscience. her conscience and her religious beliefs dictate that she cannot issue same sex marriage licenses or authorize her deputy clerk. >> alex, thanks so much.
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joining me now is jeffrey toobin, also a former federal prosecutor. jeffrey, what do you think happened behind closed doors at that jail to get kim davis released today? >> this is a fairly straightforward legal situation. contempt is different from a prison sentence. contempt which is what davis was in is designed to force a certain kind of conduct. once that conduct has been realized, there's no more reason for contempt, so the federal judge said, look, i now believe that same sex marriages will be allowed to take place in carter county. and thus, we are -- thus, there's no more reason to hold her in contempt. the reason she was in contempt, she was preventing these legally allowed marriages from taking place. >> the deputies issue these licenses and she allows them to do that, then everything will be
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okay? >> exactly. that's exactly right. and same sex couples have an absolute right to get married in that county like every other county in the united states. it doesn't matter whose signature is on their marriage licenses, as long as they have a right to get married and as long as they can get married, she can believe exactly what she wants to believe. the issue is, will these marriages be allowed to take place. based on what her lawyer just said, i don't really understand, if she is going to let them take place. if she does, throw the deputy clerks, then i think the legal controversy is over. if it doesn't, if she prevents the marriages from being taken place, she's going to go right back to jail. >> and are those marriage licenses, will those marriage licenses be valid if they are signed by a deputy clerk and not by her?
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>> you know, that gets into the details of kentucky state law. as far as i understand, they will be valid. the point, though, is, same sex couples have a right to a marriage license in that county. however, they get it doesn't really matter. what matters is that they have the same rights as other people to get those. if the county sets up some procedure to allow them to get those licenses, this legal controversy is over. if miss davis stops them from issuing licenses, we are right back where they started. and judge bunting has made it quite clear, he's going to lock her back up. >> this drama may continue. >> thank you so much. >> kim davis celebrates her freedom. the trump express is about to chopper into washington, d.c., one week from tomorrow will be the second republican presidential debate, and the
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republican front-runner will mark the occasion by tomorrow, embarking on the capitol steps, protesting the iran nuclear deal. trump is not out there on the trail this afternoon, but the other guy, the other candidate who has never run for public office, he is reemerging as he finds himself the new direct challenger to donald trump in the polls. dana bash is here. dr. ben carson is on trump's heels. he's going to take questions from reporters, right now he's steaking out a position on immigration reform. specifically what you do with the 11 to 12 million illegal immigrants in 24 country right now. >> trump has said that everybody who is undocumented should be gathered up and taken out of the country, back home where they came from. a lot of moderates have said that's unworkable. ben carson agrees with them saying, that's not an idea that can make sense. that as carson's rise means,
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more scrutiny. ben carson back on the campaign trail for the first time in 11 days. >> it's being replaced with the can do attitude. >> carson's absence from the public eye didn't seem to hurt him. his popularity has grown. second at iowa, 22%. second place behind donald trump overall in the latest national po poll. the unconventional candidate is not in iowa, new hampshire or any gop contest state. the liberal bastian of san francisco. jeb bush who ended the summer is starting to spend some of the big dollars he raised to try to climb back up with republican voters right now, yearning for
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new blood. nonpoliticians like carson and trump. >> this first television ad pitches him as one with a record. >> you have options, i'm offering something different, leadership, ideas, and a proven conservative record. >> in an effort to show his personality, and capture a large audience, bush will appear tonight on stephen colbert's first late show after taking over for david letterman, even as donald trump is out with another instagram video mocking bush as low energy. >> jeb, for all your sleeping needs. >> the man who took the top spot, he says in a new biography, he always felt that i was in the military, according to the new york times, because he was sent to military school for behavioral problems. that despite never serving in the military, and draft
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deferments from vietnam. he was on the subject a few years ago. >> success is a very important thing, it's certainly been very important to me. i can tell you that one of the great choices i ever made in terms of success is the choice of going to new york military academy. i loved it, it was terrific training, it was tough, but it was good. >> tomorrow trump will come here to washington and appear with ted cruz, trump is reilly kind of arm in arm with cruz, the person who never criticized trump. most of the other opponents have. they're going to rally on the steps of congress, as that debates the nuclear agreement. jake, we just learned today that democrats, at least those who were aligned with the president on iran, they have enough votes to stop a republican attempt to try to overturn that agreement. >> 41 votes the key number. >> exactly. on the other side of the race, a brand new poll showing joe biden quickly rising.
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more now on our applications lead, it's hard to keep track of how many times the hillary clinton campaign has tried to reintroduce their candidate to the public that has known her since 1991. after the summer dragged her poll numbers down, they are going to try again. let's bring in brianna. >> and her campaign is making some adjustments in reaction to these worrying poll numbers. bill clinton will free up his wife to campaign instead of fund-raise. he's doing a fund-raiser in the
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middle of the month, so hillary clinton can campaign in new hampshire. hillary clinton's numbers have taken a dive, down 10 points nationwide. according to the new york times, aids are crafting a strategy for her to show more son ta nayity, heart and humor. >> a lot of people have said a lot of things about my hair over the years. so i do kind of know what donald is going through. and in anyone wonders if mine is real, mere's the answer. the hair is real, the color isn't. >> but president obama's former adviser is poking fun at the reboot, tweeting the report, read more like the onion, her detailed plan to show more authenticity and son pontanaity.
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>> i believe i have the determination to get us back on the right track. >> but she's still on defense about her use of a private e-mail server, telling the associated press yesterday, she doesn't need to apologize because "what i did was allowed." her loss is joe biden's gain. >> new poll numbers out today show a swell of support for the vice president. he's up 10 points since last month, and he's still deciding whether to get in the race. dodging questions about a possible run. >> you'll have to talk to my wife about that. i have to talk to my wife about that. nationwide, biden is running neck and neck in the polls with bernie sanders who is beating clinton in a new poll of new hampshire primary voters. >> don't tell anybody, i think they're getting nervous. >> sanders crediting his support with his grassroots campaign efforts. >> we have the people on our
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side. when people stand together fighting for social and economic justice, when we stand together, we will win. >> we should update that hillary clinton has sat for a still to be released interview with abc news. in it, according to abls news, a tweet from the news outlets, she said about her private e-mail server, that was a mistake, i'm sorry about that, i take responsibility, so going certainly a little further there in that definite apology. also as we look toward the first democratic debate showdown next month, bernie sanders want the dnc to sanction more than the six debates that are currently on the schedule. martin o'malley has been especially vocal about this, and now hillary clinton has opens the door to the idea. she said, a lot of people want more debates, and she said if the dnc adds them, she will be there with lots of enthusiasm and energy. we'll see. >> brianna keeler, thank you so
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much. let's talk about the democratic field now with the chair woman of the democratic national committee, debbie wasserman-schultz. thanks for being here. >> there have been a lot of criticisms coming your way, directly at you, saying the six debates total, four before anybody starts voting is not enough, and it's an attempt by the dnc to stack the decks in favor of hillary clinton. now that hillary clinton has said she's willing to do more, she will do it with energy and enthusiasm are you going to say, let's have a few more debates? >> we're thrilled that our candidates are coming at our debate process with energy and enthusiasm. and looking forward to them, as we established the process we were going to go through to lead to six debates to have a sanctioned debate process at times so we could make sure there was control. >> you're going to punish people if you do not -- >> we're going to make sure our
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candidates commit to participating in the dnc sanctioned debates. one of the bits of advice i got from a number of my predecess predecessors, it was important to make sure the debate calendar doesn't get out of control. it's critical during the campaigning process, particularly in the early primary states that our candidates have an opportunity to have a chance to be in those retail settings where iowa voters, new hampshire voters kick the tires. >> you had 20 something debates in -- >> no, we didn't. >> the democratic candidates had 20 something debates. barack obama, hillary clinton, it didn't work out so badly for you guys. alabama and hillary went at each other, they both went stronger, you guys went on to take the white house. >> we had something like nine candidates. we had five candidates now. we have four debates prior to the caucuses and primaries, and we'll have two following, they are in a variety of media
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outlets. a lot of diversity, we are hosting six debates which is what we hosted in 2004 and 2008. a debate is not the only way in which you can reach a voter, in fact, it's really important as i started to say, that especially in the early primary states, the candidates have time to get out and campaign in a retail way. you can already see the enthusiasm that is building, bernie sanders has drawn huge crowds. >> and he wants more debates? >> there are a lot -- >> martin o'malley. >> we're glad that there's enthusiasm about debates, debates are not the only way to get your message out to voters, there have been a dozen candidate forums, in which a variety of our candidates have participated. there's at least a half a dozen more, we expect there to be more. six debates is what the dnc. >> of course, 24 million people watched the last presidential debate. it's a way to reach more people -- >> you want to build a wall with
1:23 pm
canada. >> we have plenty of time for that. let me ask you, specifically, people say you did this, the dnc did this in collusion with the clinton campaign to limit debates so hillary clinton could have an easier time getting the nomination. >> some other reporter said that the reason we scheduled the debates later in october is because i'm in the tank for joe biden. people are going to say whatever they -- i have a -- >> i don't know who that guy is, but that's crazy. >> i have a party i have to run. i have to manage the nominating contest for our eventual nominee and get ready for the general election. there are lots of things that have to be done to make sure the national democratic party is ready to support our nominee. we're glad the candidates are enthusiastic about the debates. that is one way they have an opportunity to reach voters and the six debates we have will be effective in helping them reach our voters in that way, and
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they'll have lots of other chances to reach voters. debbie wasserman schultz thank you for coming here. i thought that was it for our politics lead today, you will be wrong. we will ask a democratic presidential candidate what he thinks about the chair woman's answer later in the show. he's back on the trail after a vacation, and after a new poll shows number two creeping closer to donald trump in iowa. ben carson is taking reporter's questions in san francisco. let's take a quick listen. >> protect the first amendment rights of all american citizens many this needs to be a wakeup call for them. they can't just sit around and expect the problem to resolve itself. this is the tip of the iceberg compared to what's going to happen. let's get out ahead of this and fix it. what makes you unique. how do you separate yourself from the past? >> i don't spend a lot of time
1:25 pm
thinking about separating myself from the pack. i think about logical, pragmatic ways to actually deal with the problems. i have -- i'm not going to be a traditional politician, i'm not going to do things like traditional politicians do. that in and of itself will separate me from the panel. >> people on both sides. >> my question is, how does that qualify you to deal with isis or kor korea. >> the way i kind of look at it, there are those who feel that the only people who can actually come up with solutions are people with a lot of political experience if you take the political collective experience of congress it comes out to almost 9,000 years, what has it
1:26 pm
done for us. i would much rather deal with somebody who thinks logically, who has the ability to acquire a lot of information, to use experts as a specialist in medicine. you know, i know a great deal about the brain and about the central nervous system. and i obviously know a lot more than most people about the kidney. but if i have a kidney problem, i'm going to get a renal specialist. there's nobody who knows everything. and i think the people who do the best are the ones who know how to utilize experts around them. >> how do you extend that with the reality -- certain deaths --
1:27 pm
[ inaudible ] >> you know, as a surgeon, when somebody has a tumor that's compressing a vital area of the brain i have to actually go in and cut them. that doesn't seem like a nice thing to do. i have to open their head up. i have to go in there and expose them to danger. but the long term going is to preserve their life. we look at something like the global jihadist moment and their goals, the sooner we eradicate them, the less damage they can do. if you leave that tumor there, it's going to kill you.
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what do you -- do you feel any pressure to do that? what do you think of. >> well, you know, silicon valley is a very important part of america. a lot of good things have come out of that. i'm very supportive of it, i'm supportive of every aspect of our economy. but i don't feel any particular need to come out and do something special. >> more in our politics lead you heard it here, the current democratic debate schedule defended. one candidate is on a mission to change the itinerary and try to get more air time going against hillary clinton and others, does he have a chance? will his aggressive position on this campaign work?
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welcome back to the lead. we're going to stay with the politics lead, you heard it here a few minutes ago, the chair of the democratic national committee defending the current die bait schedule, debbie wagser man shultz says the current schedule gives voters ample time to hear from the candidates. let's give a response from one of the candidates that's pushing back on that deal. martin o'malley, former two-term governor of maryland. do you think the dnc leadership has stacked the deck in order to help clinton? >> i do. >> you do?
1:34 pm
>> who else will this help? >> when i made the call, i told the dnc members that we're being limited to one debate in iowa and one debate in new hampshire, i got a standing ovation from members -- that's never happened before, and the exclusivity clause which the chair mentioned is that any candidate that participates in debates other than the sanctioned debates is going to be excluded from others. that's a very undemocratic way to run the party. that's why the members were so outraged when they were presented with this. >> hillary clinton over the weekend saying she would welcome more debates with enthusiasm. do you think she's sincere? >> i hope so. i think that -- i think she has the ability, i think all of us together slu be asking the chair to reconsider. apparently this was a decision made simply by the chair, without consulting the members of the dnc. i think we're making a huge mistake from the fall, when we listen to let the republicans have the microphone and talk about their ideas, we don't
1:35 pm
introduce our candidates to the american people. the country's looking for a new leader, i believe it's important that they find the new leader in the democratic party. >> one of the people gaining steam is bernie sanders. >> you criticized him as a socialist democrat for not identifying as a criminal democrat. do you think his not being registered as a democrat, for not having been a member of your party should disqualify him for running for the nomination? >> i think he identified himself as an independent socialist. we're a big tent party. and that's why having the debates are important, that's why bernie sanders -- >> you don't think it's disqualifying for him to seek the democratic nomination? >> no, apparently not. i think he represents for a lot of people the anger that the public is feeling toward our established leaders. once the debates happen, which of these candidates is best for
1:36 pm
my family. which has the best ideas for getting wages to go up in our country instead of down. that's why these debates are important, time honored. candidates that don't have the -- that they're reluctant to debate probably shouldn't be running for president. we need to have more debates, not fewer. >> let me ask you a question about the ideas you've proposed, we've all seen the horrifying tragic images from europe of refugees fleeing syria, iraq. trying to make a better life for their families, you have said that the united states should consider taking in 65,000 of these refugees? there have been some people who have said that's a lot of people that we can't handle and don't forg forget, isis might be trying to get into the united states by using these refugees hiding among them. are you not concerned about that? >> you're always concerned about security. let us also be concerned about the humanitarian crisis.
1:37 pm
look at those images that people are seeing on their screen right now. we're a nation that leads by way best. for us to sit back and do nothing and say, we can only accept 8,000 people as part of this crisis, i think is morally indefensible. we need to remember our enduring symbol is the statue of liberty. 65,000 is not too large a number for a country as strong and as big as the united states. and yes, we should screen the people that are coming in, we should make sure we take the security precautions, but we can't sit back and do nothing in the face of these images. that little boy washing up on the beach, there is a font of goodness and generosity and compassion in our country. but leaders need to speak up, speak the truth and call our country forward according to its truer principles, i think we have a roll to play here in alleviating the human suffering. >> thanks for coming in, we
1:38 pm
appreciate it. you can catch the next republican presidential debate right here on cnn, that's coming up a week from tomorrow, next wednesday, september 16th. i am looking for your questions for the candidates, you can tweet them at me usin using #cnndebate. in our world lead, free and on the run, refugees breaking through police lines leaving their belongings behind carrying their children in their arms. she went to hell after a devastating earthquake, police are looking for answers, after this young american woman was murdered by a man she trusted. i have type 2 diabetes. i started with pills. and now i take a long-acting insulin at night. i take mine in the morning. i was trying to eat right, stay active. but i wasn't reaching my a1c goal anymore.
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our world lead now as we were just discussing, a humanitarian crisis in europe, hundreds of refugees, including children broke through police lines in a sprint toward the border between serbia and
1:43 pm
hungary. arwa damon was along for the run. >> the police are literally right behind a man in front -- we're with cnn. trying to bring them under control. there are hundreds of them that staged this breakout because they were fed up at the conditions they were being held in. they couldn't take it any more. young, old, men, parents, families, all breaking through, and now, also being pursued by the police force. >> arwa damon joining us live from budapest. a lot of these refugees you've been meeting for the past few weeks, what are their backgrounds. >> jake, there's the father who carried his girl on his shoulders the entire way.
1:44 pm
these are mostly people fleeing the bloodshed in syria, iraq and afghanistan, they come from all sorts of different backgrounds, you have a lot of young men who were in the middle of their university careers, a lot of people studying to be doctors, architects and engineers. you have successful businessmen that saw everything stripped away from them due to the war, you have a lot of middle class families from cities like damascus, aleppo and the coastal city of letakia. these are professional people back home. you speak to them, they say, we lost everything to this war, our cars, homes, businesses. in many cases they lost loved ones, they're coming all the way to europe, putting themselves through a journey they couldn't imagine they would have to endure. then they say they're being treated like this at the doorstep of europe, it's difficult from the get go, because you have to make that
1:45 pm
very impossible decision to accept that you will never be able to go back to your homeland. at least not in your lifetime, that is the belief of most who are fleeing from syria and iraq. you have to accept the risk that you are putting yourself and your children through, many people say they're doing that because they believe if they stayed back home, their children would end up dead anyway. and in wanting to find security. it's not just physical security from the bombs and the isis threat, it's also security in the sense of being able to secure and provide your children with a future, because that is what we all deserve, that is why they make this incredibly difficult journey. they are not coming to europe, because they expect free handouts or to live off the system or the society, the country they're going to be trying to integrate. they're going to europe, at this point they believe that only in europe, can they really try to
1:46 pm
secure that future. only in europe, do they believe they can try to obtain those opportunities that no longer exist for them back home. basic simple things many of them do take for granted. a job. but also the very basic simple thing, and that is access to a dignified life or your very basic human rights are being respe respected. >> arwa damon, thank you so much. >> if you want to learn more about how you can help in this crisis, don't forget to visit for advice on how you can help in this refugee crisis. coming up next, a 25-year-old american woman went to nepal to help after the disastrous earthquake there. her family is in morning. the late night wars got a new contestant, steven coal bear launches his first show tonight. we'll go live outside ed sullivan theater.
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welcome back to the lead, now, it's time for what we call our buried lead, that's what we call stories we do not think are
1:51 pm
getting enough attention. we learned more today about that 25-year-old american woman who went to nepal to help after that devastating earthquake this past spring. dalia kept in touch with her family while she was in nepal. after a message went unanswered on august 6th her family began to worry, and then a few days ago, her family received the news they had always feared. it was an act of altruism that ended up costing a young woman her life. in april, the earthquake's aftermath inspired a young american artist to come to the region to try to help with relief efforts. instead she became the victim of a gruesome crime. her family posted the news of her death friday on this find dalia facebook page. local police in nepal say she was killed by a man she met on
1:52 pm the man with whom she was staying told authorities he beat her to death reportedly for her iphone and cash and dumped her body in a river. police are still searching for her remains. he was arrested on friday. >> you typically don't see threats to americans in places like nepal. it doesn't mean it isn't possible, you just don't see that. >> the crime is all the more is shocking in a region known for its hospitality. >> we encourage people to explore the world. you have to be smart about that. >> my name is dahlia, i'm an oil painter. >> before traveling to nepal, she was exploring career paths, she lived in new york as a video producer, in arizona as a woodworker and teacher and in texas as a high school art instructor. >> dahlia had an amazing ability to be really smart, insightful
1:53 pm
and thoughtful, without taking herself too seriously. >> her willingness to volunteer in nepal was no surprise to her former high school principal. >> her passion and compassion for people was going to put her in a place where she could do everything she could to help other people. >> her last adventure took her through katmandhu and to nepal. she stopped responding to her family on august 6th and afterwards a withdrawal was made from her bank account. we're just moments away from the taping of steven coal bear's the late show. what's in store, we'll go there next.
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i thought it might be called
1:58 pm
the led, because you have so much gravitas. you have to be the heavy one anchoring it, if it doesn't work out, watch it sink to the bottom. >> welcome back to the lead. prior to this show's launch, which aptly brings us to our pop culture lead today. the actual guy is going to take the helm of the late show on cbs this evening. he's not really straying too far from tradition. brian, the crowds already lining up behind you, what can we expect to see from coal bear tonight? >> most of the fans just headed inside for the 5:00 p.m. taping. we'll hear about it in the next couple hours, we'll hear from jeb bush says. george clooney is the other a list guest. he arrived around noon for some
1:59 pm
pretaped segments. this late show is not going to be what we've seen from david letterman for decades. thanks to letterman, this show is an institution. colbert is trying to make it more what we saw on his cable show. with unusual guests, for example, supreme court justice steven breyer next week, also, the ceo's of uber and tesla later this week. we know joe biden will be here on thursday, and bernie sanders next week. it's interesting to think who's not showing up. this show really wanted hillary clinton for the first night, she turned the show down, she's going on the tonight show with jimmy fallon next week instead. donald trump is also choosing fallin. perhaps some of the thought process here was, people don't know which colbert is going to get maybe candidates like
2:00 pm
clinton wanted to wait and find out. we'll see how it goes with the new steven colbert. i turn you over to one mr. wolf blitzer, he's in a place called "the situation room." happening now, out of jail, a kentucky clerk who was locked up for refusing to issue same sex marriage licenses is now freed. the supreme court, what happens when she goes back to work. low energy, donald trump says bush is putting people to sleep. still no suspects a week after the killing of an illinois police lieutenant. surveillance videos may not be panning out, investigators say dna recovered from the shooting scene is raising a red flag. targeting the queen? >> britain's prime minister